ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD

ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 5.0

Edits a video to have it ready to be burned to DVD
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Captures and edits videos from VHS tape, cameras and burns them to DVDs so that you can view the video footage/ movie on your DVD player. Also, you can add subtitles in different shapes and colors, change the format or orientation of the subtitle. Another feature is that a video can be saved in several qualities.

ShowBiz is a program that will help you make a DVD. It is an alternative option for Windows Movie Maker. It has all the tools you need for this. You can capture video files from a VHS tape or a camera, you can edit the videos and you can finaly create a DVD or VCD that can also be played on your DVD player. The video quality can be set. Choosing a better quality will result in a larger file. The program lets you know how much space you will use for each quality choice.
Capturing files from a camera is a simple step to follow and the options you have are limited and basic. The begining and the end of the video are the comands available.
In the edition tab we have all the information and options regarding the video files. There is a timeline ehere we can check the files information and the audio channels. Subtitles can be added at any point on the timeline. There are different fonts, colors and styles to make original subtitles that can also be animated. There are video transitions that can help attach two different video files. There are also effects that will affect the image on your videos. You can select more than one effect at a time and decide how long you want it to last.
After the compilation is finished, the result canb e exported to a *.avi file. It can be saved in a good quality of a poor one that you can upload to internet o send via e-mail.
The last part of the process consists on the creation of the menu for the DVD. There are many different styles grouped in different categorys that can be used to make the DVD menu. A title and a date can be added here. The menu consists of the posibility to play all the video files or select a specific chapter. Many different video files can be added to a compilation. You can choose a specific image from a video to make the menu buttons.

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  • You can export *.avi in several quality files. Easy to use. You can control the timeline


  • The audio is not recognized on some *.AVI files. Limited options to edit sound. Limited options to capture and set quality when capturing
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